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Know More About Mother of the Bride Glossary

Bridal shower: a small pre-wedding party where the bride’s favourite women gather in a home or restaurant to congratulate the bride on her nuptials. In the past, the Maid of Honour was responsible for arranging the bridal shower and hen’s night. However, these days, many Mothers of the Bride arrange the bridal shower or co-host it with the Maid of Honour.

Candle lighting: Some religions include a candle lighting ritual during the ceremony, as the Mother of the Bride takes her seat. She may even be required to light a candle, along with the Father of the Bride.

Fascinator: A decorative head covering, often worn by Mothers of the Bride. A fascinator usually clips in to the hair and may feature feathers, artificial flowers, ribbons and/or jewels.

FILs: Abbreviation of “Future In-Laws”. The parents of the groom are usually the first to initiate a dinner or meeting between the FILs after the engagement party. However, this arrangement is sometimes the responsibility of the Mother of the Bride.

FMIL: Abbreviation of “Future Mother-in-Law”. It is important for the Mother of the Bride to make an effort to connect with her daughter’s future husband, and vice versa. Otherwise, he may have FML moments every time he thinks about his FMIL.

First dance: The first dance number is between the newly-wed couple. After a while, the bride’s father usually cuts in and dances with his daughter while the groom dances with his new mother-in-law (the Mother of the Bride). After this, there may be a sequence of dances between the in-laws and bridal party members.

Hat: Mothers of the Bride have been wearing hats to wedding ceremonies since the beginning of time, just about. They are more commonly worn during outdoor ceremonies but the Mother of the Bride may wear a hat upon her arrival at the venue and then take it off once inside. Mother of the Bride hats are usually rather large and the hatband may be decorated with various embellishments. If decorating a hatband, tradition stipulates that women should always decorate the right hand side of the hat.

MOB: Also referred to as “MOTB”. Abbreviation of Mother of the Bride.

Morning-after breakfast: Some couples choose to have a breakfast or brunch the morning after the wedding for the bridal party and out of town guests, before heading off on their honeymoon. This gives the couple a chance to reflect on the wedding and also spend some time with relatives who they may not have had a chance to talk to at the reception. The Mother of the Bride is often responsible for arranging the morning-after breakfast.

Personal shopper: A person who can be hired to go shopping with the Mother of the Bride to choose her outfit for the wedding. Personal shoppers are fashion-savvy and can usually match suitable outfits to a woman’s body type as well as help her to choose styles which are appropriate for formal wear and will blend with the bridal party’s outfits.

Pin-on corsage: A small arrangement of flowers, worn by the Mothers of the Bride and Groom and other important female relatives. The flowers are attached to a small pin which is fastened to the front of the woman’s outfit, in the same fashion as brooch would be. Some corsages can be pinned onto a clutch or purse rather than her dress.

Statement hair flower: A flower which is pinned in to the hair, in place of a hat or fascinator. A statement hair flower may be artificial or real. It should match the Mother of the Bride’s outfit or the colours of the bridal party’s outfits. A statement hair flower pin could be ordered along with the wedding flowers, if preferred.

Suit dress: A two-piece outfit consisting of a dress and jacket or a three-piece outfit consisting of a skirt, top and jacket. Both suit dress options are commonly worn by Mothers of the Bride at both the wedding ceremony and reception.

Wrist corsage: A wrist corsage is similar to a pin-on corsage. However, rather than pinning the floral arrangement onto the clothes, it is wrapped around the wrist with a ribbon or attached to a bracelet.

More Information About Mother of the Bride Checklist

Some brides love having their Mums alongside them during the wedding process. Others would rather swallow rusty nails before letting their mothers near their invitations. Every bride’s needs are different, so this checklist can be applied in an infinite number of ways. Depending on how involved you’d like your mum to be, you can, of course, add to or subtract from this list – communication is the key to successfully planning your wedding and keeping Mum happy.

9 Months
• Before you even start tackling any of the tasks on your list, sit down with Mum and have a heart-to-heart about what role you expect her to play in planning your wedding. Now is the time to set down clear boundaries. Otherwise, you might have her breathing down your neck for the next nine months, making decisions that you don’t want made, on your behalf. Let her know how involved you’d like her to be and let her know how much you love and appreciate her because, well, that’s always a nice thing to do.

6 Months
• If you’ve asked Mum to help you out with the invitations, this is the time to narrow down the guest list and send out save-the-dates. To take some of the pressure off your plate, you could ask your Mum to sift through invitation designs and give you a handful to choose from.

4 Months
• If Mum is helping with the bridal party outfits, ask her to lend a hand to the bridesmaids and go on a few shopping trips with them (leaving the final decision up to you, of course).
• Once you’ve settled on the bridesmaids’ dresses, Mum can go shopping for her own outfit. Once she’s found the perfect one, she should let the Mother of the Groom know, so that she can go and buy an outfit that won’t clash.

2 Months
• If Mum’s arranging your bridal shower, ask her if she needs any help arranging things. If she does, ask your Maid of Honour to give her a hand (or help her yourself if you’re not too overwhelmed by it).

1 Month
• Your RSVPs should have all been sent in by now. Check in with your Mum and see if she’s finished doing the seating arrangement. Take a peek at it and make sure it’s all A-OK. Just a glance could prevent World War III – mum might not realise the awkward history that your co-worker has with the best man’s brother.

• Enjoy your bridal shower and take Mum out for coffee, or lunch, to say thank you for all the effort she made to arrange the get-together.

The Day Before
• Enjoy the rehearsal dinner with your Mum, and everyone else who has played such a vital role in putting this monumental event together. Take the opportunity to share with everyone how helpful she’s been, and how much you appreciate every ounce (or rather, calorie) of energy she’s put in.

The Big Day
• Help mum pin her corsage on. Tell her she’s beautiful.

• Enjoy your reception and giggle with your husband about how your mum is buzzing about, loving every second of playing Hostess.

Tips And Idea For Wedding Planning

You have a ring on your finger, excitement is in the air and the count down is on ‘til your party of a lifetime. Wow! So much wedding planning to be done, where do you start?

Firstly BREATHE. Now allow yourself to enjoy being engaged with your fiancé. Wedding planning does not have to be stressful, if you take it step by step and keep a level head you will get through it beautifully and avoid bridezilla-dom.

Now down to business – where to go from here…

Spread the news! Buy the engagement ring if your finger isn’t already ‘blinged-up’. Placing a notice in the newspaper is a classic way of announcing your engagement and provides a valuable keepsake for your wedding album, but most couples will spread the word quickly via Facebook, twitter and instagram. Just be sure those closest to you know before they see it on their newsfeed!

Buy a dedicated wedding diary/planner like Modern Wedding Planner so you can keep track of all your upcoming appointments, quotes, phone numbers and ideas. Sign up to our free wedding planning tools for a comprehensive interactive checklist, budget manager, guest list manager, seating planner and supplier shortlist so you can make a record of all your favourite suppliers.

Even though everyone has been informed there’s nothing that will bring it home quite like a party to celebrate your engagement. Click here for engagement party ideas and procedures.

Before you decide on budget, discuss the style of wedding with your fiancé… yes he should have a say! It’s a good idea to start the engagement off on the right foot, so arm yourself with an open mind and perhaps a bottle of bubbly. It is one of the most important days of your life and also one of the most expensive. The only way to survive is to work out a detailed wedding budget. Read through our tips for setting a budget. Discuss who is paying for what and what you or your families can afford before booking anything.
Settling on a date is not easy either – there are many considerations to take into account, and remember that pleasing everyone is near impossible!

Grab a pen, some paper and your man and get brainstorming. Flip through Modern Wedding magazine and browse through real wedding features to get ideas. Discuss the style of wedding you want, talk about the guest list and time of year as these will in turn determine budget and other wedding planning considerations. Decide on what is important to you both and wedding planning will be a much smoother ride.

Pinterest is an absolute wedding planning MUST for brides. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account then now is the time to create one. Pinterest is the best way to collect all your visual inspiration and ideas.